Our Copyright Lawyers Can Help Protect and Secure Your Creativity

Protect Your Creative Expression; Get Help From a Copyright Attorney

An original form of creative expression — such as a book, composition, photograph, music or software — is intellectual property. These forms of creativity have protection under the law in the form of copyright. At our firm, we are committed to helping you protect your creative works.

Campillo Logan Meaney PC is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and serves clients throughout the U.S. and internationally in all areas of intellectual property law. Over the past decade, our firm has built a solid foundation and is known for its level of integrity and commitment to its clients. If you have a creative work, we are your source for knowledgeable legal advice on protection through copyright.

Use Your Creative Expressions; Get Help From an Arizona Copyright Attorney

In the growing age of technology, counterfeited and pirated works are becoming more prevalent. This is all the more reason that you should take action and speak with a lawyer about your legal options for copyright protection. At our firm, we work with businesses and individuals in various areas of copyright law, including:

  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright renewal
  • Copyright licensing agreements
  • Copyright enforcement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Copyright litigation
  • Copyright dispute arbitration

Whether you are considering a copyright registration or are faced with a complex dispute involving litigation, we will be your advocate. Our team of experienced attorneys will work with you to determine the best course of action, and work to achieve a solution that is in your best interests. Call us today at 602-631-9100 to find out how we can help.

Why Work With Us?

When you work with us, you have the benefit of knowing that an experienced attorney will be handling your case and working directly with you throughout the entire legal process. Responsiveness, frequent communication and prompt responses to questions and concerns are our top priority. By promoting a strong attorney/client relationship, we can best meet your legal needs.