Experienced in Identifying, Negotiating and Drafting Intellectual Property Licenses and Other Agreements

Campillo Logan Meaney PC has a reputation for success, honesty and integrity. We represent individuals and business owners throughout Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas in intellectual property matters, including licensing, trademarks and patents.

Licensing Your Innovation

There are many instances where licenses and other agreements are recommended to protect, enforce and add value to your intellectual property. Venjuris represents clients in a wide variety of industries in negotiating and drafting intellectual property agreements, as well as identifying situations in which agreements would help to protect and enforce existing and pending intellectual property. We have worked in industries ranging from semiconductors, computer hardware and software, online gaming, retail, and medical devices, to businesses in the sports, gaming, entertainment, media, and electronic-based world (e.g., software companies and e-business). We assist our clients in all areas of intellectual property issues surrounding licensing, including copyright, patent and trademark counseling and licensing; trade secret agreements such as non-disclosures and non-competes, and related intellectual property due diligence.

Our lawyers can write, review and negotiate license agreements for all areas of intellectual property law.