Venjuris Patent Attorneys Serve Clients in Arizona, the United States, and Worldwide

Your innovations are valuable. When you discover a new invention or think of a creative technology that can be useful for others, you owe it to yourself to take legal precautions to protect your innovation. Get help from an experienced patent attorney today.

VCLM146_Group_289x200At Campillo Logan Meaney PC we are committed to helping our clients protect their unique inventions and innovations. Our law firm assists individuals and businesses throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia in all areas of intellectual property law. Our team of intellectual property lawyers has been practicing together for more than 10 years and take a hands-on and collaborative approach when working with clients.

Why Do I Need a Patent?

A patent is a form of legal protection for your invention, ensuring that competitors cannot replicate or use your patentable idea. Patents may be secured for materials, chemical products, processes, software, or mechanical or electrical devices. We represent a variety of clients in securing patents for businesses, chemical products, technology and everything in between. The invention usually provides a competitive advantage and also must have the following qualities:

  • New
  • Non-obvious
  • Useful

At our firm, we can help determine if your idea needs a patent, trademark or other form of legal protection. We will assist you with finding the right intellectual property protection for your idea and help you with the application process. Additionally, we can advise on the best strategies to take in order to maximize protection for your business and other forms of intellectual property. Our attorneys are interested in your success and can help you get started on the right foot.